80 minutes

High in vitamins A, C and E, the exfoliation and hydration with avocado, coconut oil, murumuru and sugar cane syrup provide deep hydration, luminosity, softness and elasticity to the skin.
A relaxing massage is performed at the end of the ritual, promoting a complete experience of nutrition and relaxation.

80 minutes

Originally from the ancient oriental therapies, the Chinese Pindas are linen sachets filled with salts and medicinal herbs that contain both relaxing and stimulating properties.

This massage alternates relaxing movements with the use of the Pindas, followed by an exfoliation with salts and medicinal herbs. The ritual is finished with a immersion bath in a ofuro tub.

The technique provides physical and mental relaxation, a raise of consciousness, self-esteem and concentration and a connection with the inner self.

50 minutes

High source of energy and nutrition, this powerful exfoliation and hydration is composed of natural and organic elements. Açaí, coconut oil and Brazilian nut are used in this treatment and absorbed by the deeper skin layers, providing cellular renewal, luminosity, revitalization and elasticity.

80 minutes

The native Amazonian clay, used in this treatment, is rich in nutrients and minerals that help to eliminate toxins from the skin surface and activate cellular regeneration. These moisturizing and antioxidant agents combat against free radicals, toning up and channeling positive energy.

A pre-exfoliation with Himalayan salt and a gentle nourishing massage complete this ritual of detoxification, nutrition and nature connection.

80 minutes

Experience this ritual of care and beauty with a complete treatment that helps to tone up the skin, reduce localized fat and combat cellulitis.

The Body Slim Ritual is a treatment with Apricot exfoliation, Aloe vera gel and exclusive essential oils, with properties that detoxify the organism and decrease edemas.