50 minutes or 80 minutes

Choose the perfect essential oils blend and indulge yourself in this relaxing experience. The powerful effect of your personally selected essential oils restores the personal balance and harmony. This, together with Classic Massage techniques will bring a unique connection with your inner self.

30 minutes

Leave your fast-paced routine at the door and dedicate a pause in your day to relieve tensions from your body.

This massage is designed for the back, neck and shoulders and provides an experience of tension relief and intense muscle relaxation.

Special care for your legs and feet is also part of this technique.

50 minutes or 80 minutes

Reach energetic and physical balance and invigorate the body in a therapy that relaxes tension nodules and helps the flow of good energy throughout the body.

Developed based on the knowledge of the ancient Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu uses finger pressure along the body in the path of the meridians, offering well-being, energization and great muscle relief.

50 minutes or 80 minutes

In the ancient Greek culture, this technique was used during the Olympic games to relieve pain, increase muscle recovery and prevent injuries in the athletes.

Movements of sliding, pressing and stretching* are used together with a natural blend of Andiroba and Copaíba Brazilian oils.

This combination provides relief for sore muscles and inflammation, and reduces the feeling of tiredness, providing relaxation and well-being to avid athletes.

50 minutes or 80 minutes

Accelerate the metabolic process and eliminate toxins from the body. Using slow movements on the most superficial layer of the skin, and slips along the lymphatic system, this therapy reduces cellulitis and fluid retention.
This treatment also boosts the immune system and improves blood flow, which helps to reduce fat in a relaxing manner.

50 minutes

A complete and unforgettable experience that provides the perfect balance between body and mind.
Performed by our four hands and inspired ancient ritual of Abhyanga, this full-body therapy uses long and continuous sliding techniques with a rich combination of pure and heated essential oils.
The technique offers deep relaxation and well-being, through the therapists synchronized movements.

80 minutes

Developed in India about 7,000 years ago, this technique is an old medicinal system and one of the few recognized by the World Health Organization. It reestablishes balance through the purification and maintenance of the body's health, performing in the physical and energy field.
Personalized touches with hands and feet are applied with a combination of both stretching and Yoga poses, providing tension relief and improving blood circulation
The therapy helps to release toxic substances from the muscles, and boosts the immune system which raises the spiritual, mental and emotional harmony.

80 minutes

Combining essential oils and the use of heated stones, this therapy offers relaxing and beneficial moments to your health.
The massage is performed with hot stones that slide on the body, providing deep relaxation, stress relief and a deep sensation of well-being.
Energy balance is also restored, offering a revitalizing experience for the body and mind.

50 minutes

This therapy provides deep muscle relief for the feet, and restores balance and the functioning of the body. It also relaxes the mind.
Foot reflexology is a therapy involving application of pressure to the feet on specific areas to balance body's energy and keep it healthy. A relaxing foot bath is performed before the therapy, in order to complete this ritual of well-being and body care.

50 minutes

This universal energy channeling therapy restores balance through the rise of personal vibration, bringing health to the mental, emotional and physical self.
After a relaxing massage of the shoulder, neck, head and face, Reiki is applied, promoting healing by the imposition of the hands and creating a sense of deep relaxation, comfort and tranquility.

Add on these treatments to make your therapy more complete:
10 minutes

Facial Massage
Feet or hands exfoliation and hydration
Back exfoliation
Eye area renewal
White clay mask for face